Subeck has Better Progressive Record than Clear — Sally Stix

The Capital Times, 8/6/14

Dear Editor: In the August primary campaign to replace Brett Hulsey in the Assembly, the candidates agree on some things ā€” both are pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. But they differ on a couple of key points that are important to me as an employment attorney representing employees: Lisa Subeck supports paid sick leave while her opponent, Mark Clear, voted against an ordinance that would have provided it. Subeck was against privatizing jobs at the Overture Center while Clear was for privatization. In addition, Clear supports multi-million-dollar taxpayer subsidies for downtown hotels while Subeck is against them. Because of those differences, Iā€™m voting for Subeck, who has the better record of getting things done, supporting working people and standing up for our progressive values.

Sally Stix


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