Subeck Support Progressive Values — Jackie Woodruff

Wisconsin State Journal, 8/9/14

Mark Clear is a moderate Democrat, and it’s not surprising he earned the State Journal editorial board’s endorsement.

He voted against paid sick leave and led the charge to privatize jobs at Overture. Clear is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.

However, if voters in the 78th Assembly District want a progressive who will fight for progressive values in the Legislature, they will vote for Lisa Subeck.

Subeck has been forthright about where she stands. She supports paid sick leave and raising the minimum wage because those workplace policies help families and our economy.

She has been a leader in protecting women’s rights to health care.

She is against privatizing jobs because it typically does not lead to savings or efficiencies and it hurts working families. Subeck is supported by Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, EMILY’s List and by the hardworking people represented by area unions.

Subeck gets my vote Tuesday as the only effective, progressive leader in the race.

– Jackie Woodruff, Madison

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